Why rent?

Travel lighter!

Baby equipment takes up a lot of space and luggage is limited in size and weight in planes.
It’s hard to take everything in your suitcases: bouncer, bed, high chair, bath, baby carrier hiking
It’s still more enjoyable to be able to enjoy your child on the trip than to think of all this equipment that might clog you up.
Enjoy your trip without being cluttered with luggage!

To see our complete article on the comparison of the tariffs of the airlines for the transport of the affairs of baby, it is by here!

Save money

Hurry quickly … friends or family arrive at the last minute at home for the weekend? And you do not have all the childcare equipment to accommodate their little ones? Do not run in stores buy all the equipment … think about renting, it’s easier and cheaper. In addition we can deliver it to you directly.


Are you waiting for your container that contains your move with all the baby equipment? In the meantime, you will not buy back all the material you already have. In addition, it sometimes happens that the container takes a little longer than expected to arrive, which is why our service adapts to your needs. You can extend the rental period (subject to availability).

The comfort of baby on vacation

Why should your baby have less comfort while on vacation? Your hotel or place of residence may not have all the necessary equipment to accommodate your child in good conditions …
Baby is on vacation too!

Easy and fast online booking

Our concept of renting childcare equipment has been designed so that in a few clicks you have childcare equipment adapted to the age of your child at your disposal.

  • Rentals from 1 to 28 days
  • Delivery at the place of your choice: airport, place of stay or residence …
  • Fast and reliable service 7 days a week and deliveries from 7am to 9pm

For rentals of more than 28 days, contact us.